Born: 19.12.1984 at Tampere, Finland

Hometown: Helsinki

Height: 180cm

Weight: 90-100kg

Background sports:

Baseball, Boxing, Taekwon-do and MMA


Wrestling details:

Entrance music: Anthrax - Fueled

Signature moves: Flying Shoulder Tackle, Fist Drop, Missile Dropkick, Samoan Drop, DDT

Finishers: Rock Slammer [full nelson slam] and Metal Cutter [RKO]


Wrestled at:

FCF (Fight Club Finland 2009 - )

SWS (2013)

PWF (Pro Wrestling Finlandia 2004 - 2006)

VPW (Valhalla Pro Wrestling 2003)


Wrestling championships:

FCF Championship 7/2014 - 2/2015

It all started as a wrestling fan while still being kid. First real hobby was actually soccer, but that wasn't the thing for him, so after finding natural talent in Finnish baseball Johnny made a hobby out of that in Manse PP for few year. Later on he found he had another hidden talent inside him, in boxing. Junior boxing ring became second home and he was the newcomer of the year. Made even some international tournaments and competed for SM medals with success.
After turning the age of 18 he enlisted to VPW wrestling school in Finland 2003. Debuted in January 2004 at PWF's first show with newly graduated wrestlers, the first class ever in Finland. Started to do alternative modeling 2005. Put his wrestling career into ice 2006 for unknown time for personal reasons.

Participated to Mister Tampere competitions 2007 and won. Participated to Mr.Finland competitions 2008 and made great success in finals but didn't win. Was asked to participate to Big Brother Finland reality TV show in 2008 and did.. for couple of weeks. Moved to capital of Finland 2009 after work and hope for better future. Made comeback to wrestling ring 2009 in FCF. Started Djaying 2013.. and here we are.